Life Sketch of Prof. L.K.Mshra

Prof (Dr.) L. K. Mishra


Prof. (Dr.) L.K.Mishra was one of those few dynamic and revolutionary figures of ‘Mithilanchal Region’ who had given a new shape to the system of education with his rare and farsighted vision. The impact of his towering personality on the socio-economic scenario was prominent and formidable. He contributed many of the essential elements for the development of both material and intellectual society. He was a man of cosmopolitan view and his move for educational advancement was broad in spirit. He was an erudite scholar, an enlightened and forward looking educationist and a versatile literary genius. Prof. L.K.Mishra was born in an aristocratic family of Bhagalpur on 18th November 1917 and brought up in an amicable and natural environment.

As a scholar of higher caliber, he sought his Ph.D Degree in Chemistry from the Durham University- London. He started his career as a Prof. of Chemistry in Ranchi University and then appointed to the post of the Principal of C. M. College- Darbhanga. With his ardent and perseverance zeal, he became the Vice-Chancellor of Bihar University- Muzaffarpur (1983-85) where he showed his high administrative acumen and savvy. He also participated in the World Science Conference, held in Russia, as the delegate and representative of Indian Government.

Persuasive in his efforts to introduce modern scientific education, he set up the first Private Model School in Darbhanga town which is, even today, one of its own kind in excellency, outstanding and achievement. It should be taken into account that Prof. Mishra was the first to think about championing the cause of women and for their uplift and empowerment, he setup the first girls’ college in 1963. This college evoked the positive response from the society and reached to the status of M.R.M. College. It emerged today as the premier institution of Darbhanga and became a constituent unit of L.N Mithila University.

Prof. Mishra realized the paramount importance of professional education. With these aims and objectives he founded the first Management College, pursuing with the courses of M.B.A. & B. B. A (H),in the Tirhut- Mithilanchal zone. The L.K.Mishra College of Teacher Education, believes in providing quality education to the prospective teachers, is the direct outcome of his farsighted and forward looking vision.

It is to be noted that all the educational institutions, established by Prof. L.K.Mishra, are thoroughly non-communal in its character right from the very inception as he himself was an apostle of Hindu-Muslim unity. After leading a long life, he left for his heavenly abode on 9th July 2013. We salute to such departed ‘NOBLE SOUL’!