The Mission of the LKMCTE is to produce the committed and dedicated teachers, the competent professionalswho can lead the society well and fulfill the challenging demands and confronting social issues. The college endeavours to impart value based education to the highest satisfaction level. The credential teachers are there to aspire and mould the students, coming from different social culture, to achieve their goals and become a responsible citizen with intellectual, social, moral values. To fulfill its mission, the College Committee has commissioned and recruited Dr. Kamãl Ahmad, a Principal of ‘international experience and outlook’ who has a missionary zeal to lead the institution to its zenith. Our mission reveals in the Catchphrase: “Learning Earning and Yearning”.


The vision is the natural power, the special sense, by which the qualities and values are perceived by a visionary person. The establishment of the L K Mishra College of Teacher Education is the outcome this power of imagination. The college has its own vision of high reputation and fortune. To achieve standard and quality education by keeping pace with rapidly growing and changing technologies and to create manpower of the global standards is the main vision of the college. The college is committed to create and sustain a congenial atmosphere in the campus and to develop the conditions that enable the students to experience and develop intellectual, social and moral values.